"The food you eat can be the slowest form of poison"



If you are experiencing IBS, bloating, constipation, skin rashes, tiredness or re-flux you may have a food allergy or intolerance.

You could spend weeks, months or years guessing the cause and still not get it right. At the Northampton Allergy Clinic we give you a straightforward, understandable report and a results consultation with your personalised elimination and re-introduction plan - all included in the price. 

Tests can be done in-house or by post giving you complete flexibility, the results consultation can be face to face or over the internet as required.

Blow Dry



Foods & Food Additives
Animal fur, Feathers

House Dust Mites

Tree, Grass & Flower Pollen


Environmental & Household Chemicals

Cosmetics & Toiletry

Vitamin / Mineral insufficiency

Heavy Metals


Elimination programme that includes a 

2 week elimination food plan with recipes and shopping list 


re-introduction plan


ongoing help as required.   



List of some of what we test for - this increases regularly


Perfect for very young children

and babies, includes: 

 basic food groups



food additives

dairy - including lactose testing


(Discounts for Families and Groups of 4 or more)


Full list of what we test for



Complex 700+ Test 

45 minute pre-test consultation

 14 day tailor made elimination programme 

 Hard copy of results

 30 minute results consultation 

 Reminder videos 

 Online IBS book (with video links)

  Personalised  'done for you' re-introduction programme

 Symptom diary to chart improvements

 2 months supply of probiotics- ideal for IBS.

 2 months supply of digestive enzymes - ideal for IBS

 4 extra consultation calls 

(Was £616.28)

NOW £497




What do our customers think?

What I thought was stress IBS turned out to be food intolerances. By following the elimination and re-introduction advice I've almost completely eliminated my IBS symptoms. 

What's affected me for years has been solved in a matter of weeks.

- AJ, Northampton

My daughter's rashes have gone completely. Once we'd found out what was causing it and learnt how to read a food label properly - it's not all on the label as you'd expect - we've seen vast improvements. 

No more itching, soreness and bleeding. One happy child, two happy parents.

MF, Milton Keynes

I thought looking pregnant was how it was going to be, bloated for no apparent reason and burping or gassy all the time. Sometimes opening a window was just not good enough!

I had a lot to sort out, my test came through with so many foods I had a problem with but the consultation afterwards took me though everything step by step.It wasn't easy, I had to be strict to start with but now I'm less gassy and my husband isn't complaining any more!

FB, Northampton

This was recommended by a friend who was visiting. I'd had tests before but nothing as comprehensive as this. I was surprised at how simple everything was to understand and having the consultation by Skype wasn't a problem.

I'd recommend this to others.

CW, Dayton, Ohio.

I suffer with ME and I haven't prepared a meal for years because I was too tired to stand at the cooker. After only a week of following the plan - normally prepared by my husband - he came home to find me standing and making dinner. I was tired out by it but really happy I'd felt well enough to do something. Over the last 8 weeks I've kept on the plan as we loved the recipes and I'm regularly walking without my stick, I've got much more energy, we've had a weekend away without any drama and I've lost over a stone in weight. I couldn't have done this without the elimination plan, if I'd just had the results I wouldn't have known how to go forward.  I needed some hand holding to start but now I feel great and I can't recommend this enough.

JC Northamptonshire. 

Our 8 year daughter had itchy rashes on her torso, legs and sometimes her arms. She would be scratching so hard sometimes that they would bleed. The Doctor recommended different creams that might help for a few hours but then the irritation would come back. 

We have an appointment at our local hospital in 5 months but we didn't want to wait. On the advice of the allergy clinic we chose the adult test as she is a good eater and we wanted as much information as we could get. 

We were surprised at the 'healthy foods' she tested positive for including 2 types of apple that we would never have guessed at, as well as aluminium that we cook with. 

Within a week of eliminating everything on the report we can already see big differences so we're very happy with the results. 

MM Leicestershire. 

Our Promise to You

We want you to be enlightened and delighted with your results. We are here to help, if you have any questions about your results please contact us. If you have a plan which includes consultations please use them - we're here to help.

Please check our Refund Policy if you no longer want to proceed.