Body Builders

We know how frustrating it can be to train hard, eat well and STILL not get the results you want. We work with fitness guru's, extreme body builders and fitness fanatics and we hear your pain!

We know you are probably a perfectionist, you want your body to be the best you can make it and any part of you that's not looking or feeling 110% will frustrate you as you try everything in your power to 'sort it', but it doesn't always work.

You are probably following a specific meal plan to get to your weight or fitness goal but something is just not might be water retention, bloating, tiredness, fuzzy head, muscle weakness, lack of stamina, intestinal pain or you might not be able to reach the next level. 

In our experience these symptoms are often a food intolerance. 

Intolerance symptoms can happen within a few minutes (or up to a couple of days) after having a food or fluid, so it's almost impossible to accurately 'guess' what's causing your particular symptoms. You might be able to eat small amounts of a food without a problem and only be intolerant to it when you have a lot all in one go. It can be a basic food or it could be an additive, colourant or another type of issue like the pan you're using. It really can be that varied.

It's not uncommon to get a stronger reaction at times of stress - mental and/or physical stress - so at a time when you want to be at peak fitness and performance your food intolerance symptoms can kick in the most, just when they're most unhelpful!

So how can we help? We can test you for over 400 food allergies and intolerances, the complete list is here, to help you discover what's causing your problems. You'll get a full report of over 28 pages with coloured ratings to give you a simple visual report on how strong the intolerance is, a copy of a report is here 

As part of your test we also include an elimination and re-introduction programme that WILL NOT INTERFERE with any meal plan you are following, we will work within any particular diet as much as possible, giving you temporary alternatives that still fit your regime if you need us to. 

As a sports person your testing and report needs more attention than the 'average Joe' so we do need to charge a little more but we've done our best to keep it to the minimum while still giving you great service. The entire test with your personalised report and follow up consultation is £227.

Yes I'd like the test - what do I do now? The process is simple, just follow the instructions here and send your form to us by post. Make sure you put in your contact details so we can arrange your consultation once your results are through. It doesn't matter where you live, we can see you either face to face at our clinic or over the internet - it's up to you.

If there's anything you're not sure of check out our Frequently Asked Questions or if there's something we haven't answered contact us here or ring us on 01604 434780 - ideally during office hours.

We're passionate about helping people with their digestive and food problems and we'd love to work with you.