Example Report

Below are some images of the type of report you'd expect to get. Not shown is the full 33 page report with the detailed explanations and symptom description. Also not shown is the elimination and re-introduction programme which is designed to help you eliminate the symptoms you're experiencing and be able to have foods that are currently affecting you. 

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Example Elimination Plan

Below are some images of the type of elimination menu plan you'd expect to get. This is designed to help you eliminate the foods and therefore the symptoms you're experiencing. This makes it much easier for you to eliminate and re-introduce foods once you've received your test results, so you don't have to worry about what you're going to eat.

If there are any foods that we include in your plan that you don't like we'll happily replace them with something that you do although we always encourage you to try new things where you can as you may be pleasantly surprised! 

The plan comes with the menu, individual recipes and a shopping list so you can easily tick off everything you already have at home and just buy any additional items. We try not to include items that would be unusual to you but occasionally, when you have an intolerance to something that can affect flavour, we may suggest an alternative you may not have come across before. For example instead of cheese we may recommend nutritional yeast which is dairy free but a great cheese flavour. This can be bought in most supermarkets. 

After a minimum of two weeks we'll put together a re-introduction plan based on the severity of your results and the individual food groups. We'll take you through the re-introduction process so you can start eating foods that you had an intolerance to, hopefully now symptom free.  

Please note that we don't provide an elimination plan for the babies test. If you purchase an adults test for a child we reduce the price to £167 and don't include the elimination plan or re-introduction plan, as you know your child and what they will eat that's not on the list. You still have access to us for help as you eliminate and re-introduce foods.

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