Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt? No - we use non-invasive hair testing which means it is ideal for children and anyone who dislikes needles!

How much hair do you need? Two to three inches is perfect and we only need 25 individual hairs. We don't need it from the root so off-cuts from a hair cut of a few strands cut here and there will be enough.

I'm bald, can I get tested? Yes - we can also accept hair from your underarm, chest or leg but the hair must be at least 2 inches long.

How much does it cost? The current price of testing is shown on the front page below the description and tomato! At the time of writing the Complex 700 Test is £197 and the Child's Test is £67.

How does this price compare with other tests? We have a very small infrastructure so we have less costs to provide you with a good service. The national testing companies are charging much much more for less information (just dairy or gluten and not the detail we show such as individual grains and types of dairy) and no elimination and re-introduction help. Do we need to say anymore? :) 

How does the testing work through the post? You can send us your test form with the hair attacked using sticky tape. We will process the hair and send you a report via email once we have collated the results. Once you've had a chance to read the report, you can make an appointment to either come in to see us or have a consultation over the internet or phone. At that meeting we will give you your elimination and re-introduction programme. This is very useful to help you to be able to eat foods you're currently having a problem with.

My hair is dyed. That's no problem, we test the inside shaft of the hair, not the exterior cuticle, so the dye won't affect the test in any way.

Why don't you provide an elimination and re-introduction plan for the children's test? Very often it's not appropriate to write a plan for a child as they have issues with colourants or ingredients in washing powder or creams rather than food. Where there is a food problem it's often just one or two foods that are causing a problem as a child often has a limited diet. Where there is a real need for a report we can offer this at an additional cost of £47.

How long does it take to get my results? In most cases we will have your results ready for you within 5 to 7 working days once payment is made. At major holiday times it may take slightly longer due to reduced staffing in the lab.

I need my results urgently. We can sometimes get your test results processed quicker but it does incur a charge. Contact us before sending in your hair if you want the URGENT service to see if we can accommodate you.

How do I pay? Once we've received your form and hair we will send you an online invoice that you can pay just as you do any other online payment. Once that's been paid we will start the testing process. It is a secure payment link. If you would prefer to pay by cheque we will start testing once your cheque has cleared. 

Where do I get the form from? A link to the form is here If you would like to know how to fill this out and get it back to us go to the form download page for all the information on what you need to do.

I don't live near Northampton. Not a problem, send us the hair and completes form in the post and we can do everything for you via email and Skype or phone.

I'm not in the UK. Is that ok? Yes, the test will not be affected by the hair being sent in the mail although we recommend putting the hair into a small plastic bag that you attach to the form just to be sure. 

I have extensions in my hair. Just make sure you send us your own hair and not hair from your extensions...yes this has happened before! 

What's your refund policy? If we've not instructed the lab or started testing we can offer a full refund (less an administration fee) as we've not incurred any costs (except our payment processing charges), so we're happy to refund your entire payment less our admin fee of £5 per test. As soon as we instruct the lab we have to pay our lab and a refund is no longer possible. If you change your mind about the test please contact us as soon as possible on 01604 434780.

I'm not happy with my results. Very occasionally we get this feedback from a client. This is either because they've been overwhelmed with the information we've sent over, or their results haven't given them the answer they expected - for example they may think they had an issue with a particular food and it hasn't shown up on the results. This is why the consultations after you receive your test results are so important. You will be receiving an enormous amount of information from us and we're not expecting everyone to be able to put the entire picture together at first look. Our job is to take you through the results, explain how the results for certain foods, vitamin and minerals and environmental may be affecting you and help you use that information to go forward. Very often it's not the 'obvious' ingredient in a meal that's the problem, and it's our job to show you why. Once we've done that we've never had an unhappy client!

I've got a question you've not answered. No problem, ring us at 01604 434780 or email us at