What to do now:

Download your form here

Print your form and complete it.

Include as much information as you can, use the back of the form and/or additional pages if you need to.

Attach your hair on the top left hand side of the form where indicated. You can use sticky tape, this will not affect the results. You need only attach 20 - 25 hairs of 2-3 inches in length. This does not need to be from the root.

Return the form to us. Our address is The Northampton Allergy Clinic, 72 Abington Avenue, Northampton NN1 4PA

Make sure you've included all of your personal details at the top of the form including email address and phone number. 

Once we have received the form we will send you an online invoice, please pay this as soon as possible as we will not start the testing process until this has been paid. If you would prefer to pay by cheque please enclose this with your form and follow the payee instructions on the form. Please note that paying by cheque will delay the testing as we will wait until the cheque clears before instructing the lab. 

If you do not receive an online invoice within a few days of you posting your form please firstly check your junk mail in case it has been sent there.

We will email the report to you once we have collated all the results. Please read this and then contact us to make your follow up appointment.

At your follow up appointment we will go through your results, explain anything you need more information on and go through your elimination and re-introduction programme. This is included in Complex 700 test and IBS Restart plans only.